Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baby Treats

I found a recipe on Pinterest for baby teething biscuits that could use baby rice cereal and jar food. I have a couple of boxes of the baby oatmeal and rice cereal that he'll never eat (I tried). I also have several jars of baby food that he rejected.

I made two batches.
1-Using rice cereal and peas. No cinnamon and not cut out into shapes. It went over pretty well with Ryden.
2-Using the oatmeal and bananas. Added cinnamon and stamped out into star shapes. Without telling him what was in them, I just called them "Daddy Treats" and gave them to Chris. He's being a very picky eater right now, but he loved these "sugar-free cinnamon oatmeal banana cookies."
The Dad Treats
The consistency reminded me of making dog biscuits. More so when Momo ate the dropped pieces. They still turned put pretty good. I'll be experimenting with other flavors that we have sitting around.

Source for the recipe: