Thursday, May 16, 2013

1st Mother's Day

One of the gifts to my mom

Last year for Mother's Day, my work was having a "wear a hat for Mother's Day" event. I bought a big sunhat for myself, but ended up not having to work it. So we went to I-hop for lunch. I was given a rose by the waitress for being a soon to be mom. It was a sweet day.

This Mother's Day was wonderful. Saturday, I got to spend time with my mom going to antique shops in town. I scored a Saints necklace for $3.50. The woman that made them had all sorts of Louisiana charms. Saints, seafood creatures, etc. I went with the Saints mascot. I also found a couple of old Mardi Gras dubloons to add to my collection that will get passed to Ryden when he's old enough. For lunch, we picked up Chris and the baby and went to I-hop just like last year. That evening, a baby delivered a balloon and three boxes of fruit gushers to me. I cut the string off the balloon and let the baby case it all over the house. It was very amusing. Every time he'd reach for it, it'd fly away and he'd crack up then crawl after it again.

Sunday, I was given the things I needed to make a name necklace. It came out cute. My sister gave me a Happy 1st Mother's Day card. That evening Chris and I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant that just opened a location in my town while my mom babysat. Mmmm greasy chicken quesadilla and a big thing of queso on the side. That night, we watched the new Game of Thrones. Then the baby gave me one more suprise: a pink heart necklace that says mom. I'm so lucky to have such an awesome little family.

The necklace I made with the stuff I got for Mother's Day
My mom is awesome
This is where the idea came from for the footprint vase project:

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